Privacy that Brings Blockchains Together

Webb builds infrastructure for connecting zero-knowledge applications empowering developers to unlock user privacy in the Web3 ecosystem.

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The Future of privacy is Connected

Connecting private applications across chains allows us to scale the size of privacy sets to encompass all the users and data possible in our Web3 ecosystem.

How the Future of Privacy Scales

Webb connects cryptographic accumulators used in zero-knowledge applications so users can leverage the power of cross-chain zero-knowledge proofs.

Independent privacy sets are not scalable.

Traditional zero-knowledge applications have a single global privacy set that can only be interacted with from a single place.


Aggregating privacy sets scales privacy.

Aggregating privacy sets allows us to scale privacy to the sum of each private sets size and grow access from many locations.


Connecting privacy sets requires distributed coordination.

Each tree maintains a view of the roots of the other trees to achieve connection.


Together, we power cross-chain zero-knowledge messaging.

In a connected system, users can insert zero-knowledge messages from any endpoint.


Attest to messages in zero-knowledge after updates propagate.

Views are updated, recording the messages which have been added to endpoints.


Prove zero-knowledge messages exist from any connected anchor.

Users prove messages exist in any privacy set from any location in a way that benefits all participants.


Applications & Infrastructure

Webb Builds private cross-chain applications and infrastructure that enable web3 privacy ecosystems to scale

Tangle Network

Cross-chain private applications require governance and trustless proof of events. Tangle provides that using threshold multi-party computation.

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Connected Shielded Pool Protocols

A cross-chain private transaction system for privately moving and privately transferring assets between blockchains.

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Connected Shielded Identity Protocols

A cross-chain system for creating identities and connecting groups between blockchains.

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Shielded Protocols in Action

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Zero-Knowledge Cross-Chain Bridging

A truly zero-knowledge cross-chain environment to deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds.

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Research & Development

Building interoperable zero-knowledge applications to scale privacy for all users in the Web3 ecosystem.

Anchor System

A technical protocol for connecting many cryptographic accumulators together and enabling zero-knowledge proofs of membership between them.

Distributed Key Generation Protocols

We leverage multi-party computation protocols used to decentralize trust over a set of parties to facilitate governance and operation of Anchor System instances.

Zero-knowledge Messaging

The message schema and circuits that enable zero-knowledge proofs of membership and property testing for assets, identities, and data.