Webb Brand Kit

In the spirit of scaling blockchain privacy, all aspects of Webb belong to the community. including Webb's logo and brand itself.

The Webb Logo

The Webb logo embodies the spirit of decentralization and should be used consistently across all Webb-related communications to ensure visibility and recognition.

Color Palettes

Below are the primary and secondary colors used in Webb's Ecosystem products. Download to view the entire spectrum of colors in Webb’s UI kit.


Remix Icons is a popular, open-source icon library that offers a wide range of modern and versatile icons for web and mobile interfaces.

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Satoshi Variable is the primary typeface used for Webb’s online and marketing communications, offering a modern and versatile style. Breeze Sans is used for Webb Ecosystem products, providing a clean and polished look. Both typefaces are open-source and accessible to everyone in the community.

Satoshi Variable

Breeze Sans

Press Inquiries

To make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us and include a visual mockup of intended use. For press inquiries, please reach out to press@webb.tools.

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